Communications in the public and private sectors - same difference

Communications in the public and private sectors – same difference

By Mark McMahon, Senior Communications Manager at HSBC. A change of direction “Man is disturbed not by things, but the views he takes of them.” Would that sentence change your life? It did for me. Ancient Stoic philosophy might not be top of everyone’s reading list, but I came across this quote by Epictetus in […]

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Why it pays to talk Human. A blog by Sam Knowles about communicating with empathy and how not to alienate your audience

Why it pays to talk Human

By Sam Knowles, Founder & MD of storytelling consultancy, Insight Agents Here’s a paradox of communications. Otherwise eloquent folks often adopt the most curious dialect when they’re thrust into the spotlight and asked to explain why they do what they do. The invitation to tell your story ought to usher in a moment of clarity […]

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A true story about unconscious bias in the workplace. Stereotyping on all manner of human characteristics is everywhere - and limits us all.

Bias by the box-load

By Charlotte Butler, Managing Director, Altogether Different True story A couple of years ago I heard a tale of bias so stark, so unbelievable, it almost made me spit my tea across the room with laughter. The story goes like this. The year was 2016, an accountancy firm sent their client, a team at a […]

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using tools from the applied anthropology toolbox can help organisations of all kinds, by enhancing their ability to sift through the layers of individual, social and cultural meaning that shape so much of what they do

The future of being human

By Ezri Carlebach, communications consultant, writer and lecturer, member of the PR and Communications Council, and Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communication and the Royal Society of Arts.  As we approach the third decade of the third millennium, there seems to be a powerful narrative informing the zeitgeist (“an invisible agent or force dominating the characteristics of […]

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Do organisations in the UK feel they are well understood by their customers and stakeholders? Powerscourt and Kantar Millward Brown conducted indepth research to find out. Here are the results.

What’s your Narrative Gap?

By Steve Marinker, Head of Corporate,  Powerscourt, an independent strategic communications consultancy If there is one plaintive cry I have heard from clients more than any other, it’s that that their organisations are not properly understood. Time and again I hear the frustration. If only our business model was better understood; if only commentators acknowledged the […]

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