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COVID-19 has hit the economy hard. Organisations have to adapt and change; many are under pressure to do more with fewer resources; restructures and redundancies are sadly inevitable.

While some corporate communications professionals have never been busier, others find themselves looking for work in the most competitive market we’ve ever experienced.

When hundreds of people apply for every job advertised on LinkedIn, how do job seekers stand out from the crowd?

Comms Leaders can help employees at risk of redundancy, or leaving your organisation, to take control of their job search during this challenging time. We provide outplacement services specifically tailored for the corporate communications profession, delivered by a team who understands the job market from every perspective: hiring manager, recruiter and candidate.

What is outplacement?

Outplacement is a suite of services which help employees leaving your organisation to find their next role, by providing practical career advice, coaching and support tailored specifically for them.

Many professionals who find themselves looking for a new job will have little or no experience of applying for roles online or through agencies, attending interviews or taking online assessments. Outplacement helps employees become confident candidates.

Outplacement support is typically paid for by the employer as part of a redundancy package or settlement, or as a gesture of goodwill in difficult circumstances.

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Why organisations should offer outplacement to displaced employees

Providing outplacement to departing employees demonstrates that despite having to make tough decisions to let them go, you want to do the best for those affected.

It provides reassurance to your employees, knowing that you are taking care of their colleagues and would do the same for them. It also helps to protect your reputation and employer brand and will help you to attract talent in future.

Comms Leaders Outplacement Support

Whether you have one individual leaving your corporate communications team, or several due to a restructure or redundancy programme, Comms Leaders provides advice and coaching support to help employees transition to their next corporate communications role or career.

Your departing employees need support from experts who understand their specific skills and experience and can prepare them for a new role in corporate communications. That’s where Comms Leaders comes in.

Our support is tailored to each individual and is structured to help them define and articulate their unique selling proposition (USP), to help them differentiate themselves from other candidates and succeed in the search for their next role.

At the end of each session, we will set measurable, achievable goals to ensure continuous progress.

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The modules are delivered by a team of professionals with decades of experience in this sector.

Comms Leaders outplacement support includes modules in:

  • Preparing for a career transition
  • Defining your career story
  • Creating the best CV and cover letter
  • Effective marketing and networking strategies
  • Interview preparation and practice

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and how Comms Leaders can help you to help your employees.

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