A blog about careers in internal communications and predictions for the future of communications

A career in internal communications

By Andrew Holland A version of this blog post was written for the Institute of Internal Communications (IoIC) #IChoseIC series, where internal communications professionals share how their IC careers started and have evolved. Seize the opportunity I remember the day I discovered Internal Communications like it was yesterday. It was 7pm and I’d been at […]

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We’re not all in the same boat, but we are all weathering the same storm. Job hunting is stressful at the best of times but in a pandemic?

Job hunting in a pandemic

Don’t sweat the small stuff This week I’ve been interviewing candidates on Zoom. So far, so normal. I’ve worked from home for five years and although I’d rather be out and about meeting people face to face, location and schedules often necessitate video calls. However, like most people in the communications community, I’m now juggling […]

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Comms Leaders and COVID-19

These are unusual times. Yesterday the Prime Minister announced unprecedented measures to keep us all safe and to keep the NHS running. I hope that your employer has taken the responsible step of sending you home. In which case, many of you will be busy managing Coronovirus communications for your stakeholders and colleagues. You may […]

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A guest blog by Belinda Gannaway about the role of internal communications in enhancing EX - the employee experience.

The role of IC in EX – it’s not all front of house

By Belinda Gannaway, Strategy Director at FathomXP The rise of EX – Employee Experience It’s 30 years since the experience economy started to gain attention. But it’s taken a while for the thinking around experience and employees to collide. EX only really arrived on the scene as a way of thinking about people in the […]

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Communications in the public and private sectors - same difference

Communications in the public and private sectors – same difference

By Mark McMahon, Senior Communications Manager at HSBC. A change of direction “Man is disturbed not by things, but the views he takes of them.” Would that sentence change your life? It did for me. Ancient Stoic philosophy might not be top of everyone’s reading list, but I came across this quote by Epictetus in […]

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