What we do

Comms Leaders is a recruitment consultancy with the human touch. We work with communications professionals to enhance their chances of landing their dream job. Our clients can be assured they will only see the best, most prepared candidates for their vacancies. We do all this with sensitivity and empathy – the founding partners have all been in your shoes.

What our clients say

“Finding great talent is vital and difficult in this market. Comms Leaders provides great support to me and my team. They take time to get to know their clients and their candidates well, work hard to match them up, and put their extensive networks to work. Overall they add great value and I’m happy to recommend their services.”

What our candidates say

“Comms Leaders is top of the A-list of UK recruitment consultants. Not only do they understand the internal comms industry and the needs of their clients, they also provide real counsel and support for candidates. They bring a personal touch to everything they do and are incredibly responsive to queries, which is just what you want when you’re on the look out for your next challenge.

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On the blog

First impressions An interviewer makes their mind up within the first seven minutes of an interview. Most of us will be well versed in how to make a good first impression in a face-to-face interview (strong handshake, confident smile), but video interviews are a different ball game. In March 2020 there was a *67% increase in the use of video interviews, and that figure has been rising ever since (*source: Monster). Whilst not always a great experience for candidates, video interviews do work and are here to stay, at least for early-stage interviews. They are COVID-secure, cost-effective, overcome geographical boundaries, and are often easier to manage in busy calendars. Here’s a summary of what we have learnt over the last year from candidates and clients about what to do and what to avoid with video interviews. Be prepared, do your research The content and structure are likely to be the......

Looking for a new role is challenging at the best of times. But during a pandemic, how do you stand out from the crowd in such a competitive field? In our last blog we looked at perfecting your CV. In this article we are going to dive into networking during a pandemic – specifically how to get the most out of online networking. Why bother? The majority of job seekers will get their next job through a referral by someone in their network. Whether you’re currently actively looking for a new position or thinking ahead to your next big move, keeping in touch with your network is an essential part of your professional development. Networking during a pandemic At the time of writing, the UK is in lockdown. The opportunities to catch up over coffee or meet new people at industry events are either on hold or have gone online.......

Searching for a job during a pandemic As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact our economy, searching for a new job has never been more challenging. We’ve pooled our collective knowledge in a series of blogs to help you navigate your way through your job search. Our first focuses on CV advice. Articles on how to prepare for an interview and how to promote yourself will follow. Your CV is the key to unlocking opportunities Your CV is often the only way you can showcase yourself to a hiring manager. So you need to ensure it showcases your achievements, that you know it inside out and can confidently expand on anything you have included. Focus your efforts on tailoring your CV to match each role you apply for. In the digital world of jobs boards and LinkedIn, or where an in-house recruiter might not be familiar with your area of......

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